State of the Art Digital Recording Studio:

Your message can be recorded and mastered in our broadcast-quality digital recording studio. Industry luminaries like Ted Leonsis - Vice Chairman & New Products Officer  at America Online Inc, Nicholas Negroponte - Founder and Director of MIT’s cutting-edge media laboratory, Sherry Turkle - MIT professor, Ben Burt - Four time Academy Award winner sound and special-effects expert who worked on Star Wars, E.T. and Indiana Jones, Kim Polese - Chairman and Co-founder of Marimba and original product manager for Java at Sun Microsystems, Larry Roberts “Father of the Internet” and creator of E-mail, Laurie Anderson - Digital performance art pioneer and Rick Smolan - Ringleader of “24 Hours in Cyberspace” have all recorded in our studio.

Media Overdrive Delivery Technology:

We utilize the latest technology to deliver your voice message. We have over 190 T1’s connected to our server farm in our secure colocation facility in the data corridor of LA California. We have the capacity to deliver nearly 6,500,000 voice messages per day, 270,000 per hour and 4,500 per minute. No campaign is too large.

The Media Overdrive Voice System At Work:

Our system dials the home or business phone number on the recipient list. The sophisticated voice analysis module in our software recognizes the difference between a live human voice and an answering machine or voice mail.

The system will decide how to proceed after analyzing the two different options:

Live Human Voice -- The system will silently terminate the call.

Answering Machine or Voice Mail -- The system will leave your prerecorded message on the unit.

This technique delivers your marketing message as a voice record for the recipient to play back later at their convenience.

    With the latest upgrade to our software -- developed in conjunction with Lucent -- our response rates have gone up on average of 12%. This gives us the best response rates in the industry. System-wide, we now achieve these numbers:

    Positive Voice Detection accuracy +99%

    Positive Voice Detection speed in as little as 1/8th of a second.

    Positive Answering Machine Detection accuracy +90%